Friday, January 19, 2007

Winter Wonderland...

While, I think that Sidious is right, there isn't a breadth of content coming out (especially for the PS3), I think there is a lot of quality to be had. Also doldrums after a system launch aren't uncommon it's just that two systems launched at the same time so a lot of effort was soaked into making launch or near-launch titles so it will take a little while before things get back to usual.

Still there's Fusion Frenzy 2, Supreme Commander, Rogue Galaxy, Burning Crusade, God of War II, Rathet & Clank: Size Matters, D&D: Tactics, Battlestations: Midway, Crackdown, Bullet Witch, Maelstrom, and Tital Quest: Immortal Throne, just to name a few all available by early March.

I'm not saying these will all be great, things could be a lot worse, much like "The Mild Recession" (if you get that reference, thank you). So stop worrying about your ailing PS3 and go play some Resistance: Fall of Man.

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