Friday, January 19, 2007

The Wasteland

Well folks, here we are in the middle of January. Aside from the cold weather, this time of year usually means only one thing: No Video Games. Of course the "no" part of that statement is hyperbole. There are of course some video games being released. But compared to the holidays, well there simply is no comparison. Now IGN has created a series of articles under the moniker "Games of Winter." I highly recommend you check it out here. (The link goes to the PS3 games of winter, but all of the relevant links to other platforms can be found on the bottom of the page.) I have to say, even after checking out the entire list of games that IGN has compiled (which by the way includes a number of games from late March...stretching as far as I am concerned), I remain less than impressed. Sony fanboys should be seriously concerned. The PS3 needs some games to gain traction and I just don't see them on the horizon. Does anyone else here have a different impression?

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