Sunday, January 14, 2007

Re: Symphony of Retro Games

My short answer to your question is: I don't think all the good ideas are gone.

First, your question is also like asking "Can Hollywood really make an original movie?" We still keep going to movies even though we know that in the end the boy will either get the girl or he won't. We still keep going to movies because they are fun! I think that the same is true of video games. They are re-released because even if the graphics aren't as great as the PS3, they are still fun. I still play Pharoah's Tomb (yes, from like 1991) because it's fun.

Second, I think that there is some nostalgia associated with retro games, just like old movies. They remind us of a different time, whether we lived it or not. For me Pharaoah's Tomb is everything great about my childhood. We were the first kids with a computer since my Dad worked at home. You know the ones with the old floppy drives? My Mom used to take us to the Sav-On drugstore on Saturdays and sometimes we'd talk her into a shareware game for $5. I can still picture the big stand with all the games on it in the aisle at the store. My brother and I would play and play and play and shared this hobby together. It was a way we could relate to each other (especially when we finally figured out that on level three if you hit the arrow button one extra time you can actually make the jump).

To Sum Up, I think that not all the good ideas are gone. Maybe just all the good endings are. I think there were only like three endings to begin with anyway. Gameplay, challenges, and advances in technology continue to change what games can do. You actually bowl on the Wii for crying outloud! Liking retro games doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you. I'm sure you probably have some great memories that they remind you of when you play them. Plus, Super Mario Bros. Rocks!!!

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