Friday, January 26, 2007

Did someone say RTS?

Darn, I started this post so I could suggest Dawn of War...stupid Sidious...

Recognizing your last post was mostly about how you don't have the time to play games, you also mentioned you were looking for an RTS to play, and with that, I may be able to help. Dawn of War is a terrific RTS and probably the best one since Starcraft. It has seven different sides, each of which have reasonably different units and play styles. Each side needs to control the "requisition points" across the map in order to build up their army and base (and force the players into conflict over them). Outside of that, each side plays very differently, from the strange requisition-free units of the Necron to the cheap but effective hordes of the Imperial Guard. It's a good time and you can pick up Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (the newest "expanasion") for about $20. You won't be able to play as all the diffferent races online with just Dark Crusade, but the single-player campaign is completely standalone and should be able to stratch your RTS itch for quite a while.

Just a thought.

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