Friday, January 26, 2007

Re: Time if of the peasants


I can certainly empathize with your lack of time. I myself have had so little time to play games that I am only playing WoW and I'm only playing that because I purchased the Burning Crusade. Unlike your dwarf avatar, I had never invested a substantial amount of time into WoW before the expansion's release so I had no problem starting over as a Paladin Draenei. That being said, I hope to get more time to play games as well. If you're looking for a speedy RTS I highly recommend Warhammer: Dawn of War. (Though admittedly I would probably recommend the game to anyone needing RTS action of any kind.) The matches usually take less than 20 minutes though they can, of course, run longer if players are of roughly equal skill. But either way let us here in the Den know what you ultimately wind up playing...when you get the time, of course.

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