Thursday, January 11, 2007

Re: Re; Symphony of Retro Games

Your points are well taken, Incognito, but outside of the fact that I am sure that I am not as excited about Lost Planet as you are, I still can't understand my current fascination with retro games. I mean taken on face, the games I have been playing as of late are outmatched by current offerings in: graphics, audio quality, often story, sometimes design, length of play, and often raw innovation. And yet...I still find myself playin' Super Mario Bros. every night. To a lesser extent this also applies to the Playstation 3. I haven't played a "PS3" game on the PS3 in maybe a month. Instead I play FF XII, and currently "24" (to get mentally prepared for Day 6, oh yeah!!). I know that this is largely a function of the lack of superb games on the PS3, but still, I'm beginning to think that there is something wrong with me. Are any of the rest of you experiencing a sort of Retro-renaissance in your own lives? Or am I an outlier?

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