Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Re: Best Sim Ever?

Hahahaha, you got served, Sidious, you got served...

As for me, I'm never sure exactly what falls into the "Sim" category. I think there are a lot of games that combine Sim aspects with other genres like the Stronghold series adds RTS elements to what is largely a sim game, or The Sims has many RPG elements included in it's "life simulator".

For me, I think I would have to go with Zeus by Impressions. While arguably not as good as Pharoh (by the same company) I think I played through pretty much every mission this game had to offer and loved every minute of it. There was a complex economy that involved trade between several cities, a military RTS aspect that wasn't particularly complicated but was fun nonetheless, and also exciting mythical monsters and heroes that your city would have to deal with (i.e. Cyclops running around, Odysseus will only show up if you have x and y). Good times.

What ever happened to Impressions? Did they get absorbed, or close, or change their name? I haven't heard anything about them in a while...

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