Monday, January 29, 2007

The Future of the PS3

First of all, I think it's just you and I that own a PS3, Sidious, at least right now.

As for the overall performance of the PS3, I'd say just give it time, it's barely been out over two months and there are plenty of systems that have taken longer to hit their prime. Sony is aiming at a long haul strategy and that may take a little while to come to fruition. I mean there are at least two "emerging" technologies in the PS3: the blu-ray drive and the cell processor that are bound to trip up developers initially. The technologies available in the Wii and XBox 360 are much more conventional and much easier to develop for. I think time will tell who will emerge victorious, whatever that means, which brings me to my next point...

This is a debate that I've had a few times and for a long while, what determines the "winner" of the console war? Is it installed base? Better library of games? More AAA titles than any other? Better exclusivity agreements? I'm not really sure there is an objective criterion that can be used to differentiate which system is "better." The closest thing I could think of would be if you took all the gamers that owned or at least had significantly played all three and then had them vote on their favorite system.

Also, I don't think it's really possible to determine a winner in the middle of the battle. The Xbox 360 got a headstart and I think is maintaining it's early lead, but the Wii may be closing in. The PS3 is mostly suffering from a poor launch lineup (excepting Resistance, which is excellent) and a high price tag due to the high cost of its components. I think that if Sony is able to garner as much third-party support as it has in the past, the system will hit its stride and take off, but if they fail in that critical dimension, the system will ultimately fall. The only thing I can say in Sony's defense is that great games are still coming out for the PS2 so if they can leverage that support for their new platform (which I think they can, by the way), they may win this generation by a landslide. The PS3 is still the horse I'm backing, as it was before any of the "next-gen"systems launched. I plan to own them all (2/3 of the way there...stupid Wii), but I imagine the PS3 will be my favorite.

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