Saturday, January 20, 2007

Why I Won't Play WoW

Okay, so I was cleaning out a file box and found this little clipping from 5/9/2003 from The Week magazine:

"Women have a tough time finding their way around virtual reality. Female architects, trainee pilots, and computer gamers are generally 20 percent slower than men in figuring out where they are in a computer-generated world, say Microsoft researchers. Men, on average, can quickly create a mental image of their surroundings, and orient themselves. Unfortunately, 'women have lower spatial ability,' computer scientist Mary Czerwinski tells New Scientist. But the gender gap disappears when women are given a wider screen. Researchers found that women were just as adept as men at virtual navigation when their monitor offered a viewing angle of 100 degrees, instead of the standard 35 degrees."

I don't think that I necessarily agree...especially about that whole spatial thing...since I seem to be able to pack the car more efficiently than my male-counterpart. But, at least I have an excuse for why I'm not any good at these games. :)

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