Thursday, October 19, 2006


Okay, so I've spent a little time with this bizarre and remarkably captivating "game". I love it. If you've ever used a program such a Interactive Physics and made ridiculous things happen, this is for you. Toribash lets me do a few things, like contract or extent my glute (yes, the butt muscle). I choose to extend and nail the other fighter. Making the other guy lose an appendage is very fulfilling. There is a problem that I can't seem to stay standing, so I've got idiots rolling around on the ground flailing, but I enjoy some good flailing. I'd like to see some who knows what they're doing make sweet things happen. Its a great boredom stopper without you needing to get to invested. It's be a great portable game. There could be a sweet GUI and you could sit on the subway or even in Subway and design a fighter. It's wonderful. Of course it could be 100 times better, but that doesn't mean it isn't superb already.

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