Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Re: FFXII pwns joo

Other than wanting to outlaw "leet" speek from this blog for eternity, the FFXII posts bring up an interesting question: Is it the battles or the stories which truly make or break an RPG? I think that we know already where my allegiances lie, but I am curious about this. I don't think there has ever been an RPG I have bought specifically for the battle system. Instead, like a novel, I usually buy RPGs based on their premise alone. Of course if the battle system is truly bad (I'm thinking something like .Hack) then I will tolerate it if the story is interesting. On the other hand I do think it is the case that the story in such a game has to be all that more compelling to keep my interest. So maybe the battle systems influence me more than I know. Does anyone else in The Den have any thoughts on this?

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