Monday, October 16, 2006

In response to Incognito


Now that that's done with...Saint's Row and Dead Rising are really good, I don't think you'll be disappointed there (I feel that Dead Rising especially up your alley), and it sounds like you got a great deal. I think several of us own 360's so you'll have to let us know your Gamertag so we can battle it out online.

In other news: They closed Clover studios?! Okami is one of the best games this year! It supremely combines the fun and adventure of the Zelda games in an innovative, new IP. Notice to the execs at the big game companies: pick these guys up, they know what they're doing!

Speaking of companies that know what they are doing, anyone who has a PS2 and at least a passing interest in Star Trek should give a shot to Star Trek: Encounters. It's retails for $15 and it is actually really fun. The ships move around a little too fast (more Starfleet Academy than Starfleet Command), but the core gameplay is solid and it has missions covering all the different Star Trek eras. It's easily a 7.5 or an 8.0 for only $15, that's a great deal!

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