Wednesday, October 04, 2006

FF XII pwns j00

Considering I'm pretty sure that Incognito has played almost every Final Fantasy that has been released I can't decide if he's trying to bait me or if that's his real opinion. Either way I plan to run headlong into this particular war because I love the direction of the new battle system, and even if it may not be completely innovative (though I think it mostly is) it is probably one of the largest departures for the FF franchise, and that's probably what disappoints Incognito (a true ATB purist) the most.

Most importantly, let's talk about the gambit system, which the .hack and Star Ocean series can't make any claim to. The gambit system allows you to specifically tailor the AI scripts for your characters, so you can make them do exactly what you want, and they can be changed on the fly to fit the situation. There's no more complaining about the bad AI and limited scripts available in games like .hack, Star Ocean, or even the blessed Kingdom Hearts. You write the scripts yourself and can constantly adjust them to suit your needs. Combine that with the newly designed license system for leveling up and tailoring characters to your party and you have perhaps the most customizable characters ever to appear in a Final Fantasy game. These two innovations in and of themselves should be enough to warrant a favorable comparison to the other games previously mentioned.

Add in the fact that this could also be one of the best Final Fantasy storylines ever written (by the same guy who wrote Final Fantasy Tactics), and I don't think I'm exaggerating to say I couldn't be more excited about FF XII's imminent release.

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