Saturday, October 21, 2006

Diner Dash 3

Yes, you read that right...there is yet ANOTHER Diner Dash. And why not? This game is fun, addicting, cute, and keeps taking all my money because I want the full version. And, thankfully, I have not seen Playfirst try to pass off its game in video game stores and actually worth buying in a box. Does that bother anyone else? Seriously. Shockwave games shouldn't be sold on a shelf. Aside from that, I just played the firsrt 5 seconds of Diner Dash and realized that the WORLD NEEDS TO KNOW that there is a new diner dash. So, I am posting it here. And if the one person who reads this blog would tell someone else eventually the word would know, that whole 6 degrees thing. Find Diner Dash at:

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