Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NO, there is NOTHING I would like to preorder!

When did preordering become some sort of requirement? I know the game stores have been pushing them for some time now because it helps them decide on ordering numbers and it all but guarantees them a sale. I know they are useful for determining who should get an item when the supply is extremely limited. But when did they become mandatory?

I am tired of going to EB and Gamestop looking for a game, having them ask me if I preordered it, then when I say no, looking it me like I am some sort of crazy person. The last time I checked, these stores do in fact exist in order to sell videogames right? I mean this is like a grocery clerk asking if you faxed in your grocery list a few days ahead of schedule so they could be sure to buy eggs. It's just ridiculous.

These stores exist so you can walk in and buy games, not as some sort of pickup point. I mean, if I know I am going to want a game before it ships I'll buy it online and then they can ship it right to me (and back when you could avoid taxes it was a sweet deal too). I know that the stores are just trying to cut costs but I think that as a business decision this is a bad one. I know plenty of gamers that just stop by a store on their way home from work looking for something they know came out and with the EB/Gamestop stocking less and Best Buy stocking more I think its clear where the gamers are tending to go (and if they go to Best Buy they can also pick up the newest season of Scrubs or an HDTV or something).

If EB/Gamestop continues along this route of barely stocking more than their preorders it's not long until they do away with the stores entirely and just sell directly from the internet. And I'm not saying that's a bad idea, get rid of the overhead from stores and avoid taxes for your customers, then pass them some of the savings in sweet deals on shipping and you might make a killing, it worked for Egghead! Anyway, preorders suck and getting hassled about them sucks double, if I'm gonna preorder something I don't need you to ask me everytime I call, visit the website, enter the store, etc.

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