Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Re: In a Word No

Alright Incog, let's keep it clean now. Whether or not the FF XII battle system is good or not (and I happen to share some of your reservations about the same), every word from reviewers and previewers suggests that the story is the best since FF VII. If that is true, then the case for FFXII has already been made. After all, no one really plays RPGs for the battle system, they play them for the story. But you can feel free to disagree if you like.

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Hellhound said...

Damn straight, although not everyone agrees FFVII has the best storyline of them all. Personally I hold FFVIII as my favorite. I think the new battle system sounds fine, the only think i dont like is the Gambit system as it takes too much of the accomplishment factor away.