Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Death by Dancing

Dance, Dance, why isn't there a dancing fighting game.
Fighting games are excellent. And there are a few good ones out there. But there are a few things I'd like out of next-gen fighting games. First, I want to create moves. Totally sweet moves. Maybe I should be able to create a fighter. And not the "WWE" create-a-fighter. I mean really create a bizarre, Voldo like fighter. That would be amazing. And it would take hours. And it would be great.
Second, I want there to be balance. That's a common request, but what I mean is that there should be a better feeling of being the fighter and reactions. Maybe you don't need the greatest move to counter, you just have to counter in the perfect place. I just want more vulnerability and more skill. That would lead itself to better balance. Not just a fight between who knows the moves the best.
And I'd like there to be a dance off. I'm not kidding. There's going to be a ballroom dancing game. Why not put it in as a bizarre dancing mini-game?

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