Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sony Missteps...Again

Well for those of you who haven't been tracking the launch of the PS3 in some foreign markets, it would appear that Sony is ceding the one advantage it currently has over the 360. That's right, for a mere $999 European and Australian video game players can experience the wonder, the mystery, and the awe, that is a PS3 which doesn't play PS2 games using the PS2's native CPU. Like the 360, the European and Australian model of PS3 will "emulate" the games of the system's immediate predecessor, resulting in players being able to play PS2 games that "mostly" work , some of the time.

What makes this particularly worrisome is that there is nothing preventing Sony from switching their American and Japanese systems over to this cheaper emulation model of system. Since Playstations of any generation are notorious for breaking down (usually days after your warranty ends, remember flipping the PS over to make sure it would run) it is possible that the next time you or I go to purchase a PS3 we could be getting the crippled version. Way to go Sony. The only thing I can figure is that the heads of Sony are actually trying to destroy their game division. You know in some kind of scheme straight from the mind of Max Bialystock. Yeah, that must be it.

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