Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Seriously Sony

Well apparently this week is the week that Sony finally comes clean and admits that it has no idea how to market the PS3. In an effort to ensure that (Sony-developed) Blu-Ray beats out its rival HD-DVD in this generation of the format wars, Sony announced this week that it will be releasing, get this, a $600 Blu-Ray player.

This is all well and good except for one thing. Up until now, there has basically been but one reason to purchase a PS3. Its a $600 Blu-Ray Player. The next closest competitor was $1,000. Thus, if you wanted to experience Blu-Ray as cheap as possible, you would buy a PS3 regardless of whether or not you wanted to play games on the system (of course, considering the system's current selection of games, those not wishing to use it as a video game console are probably the better off). But with this brilliant move, Sony has effectively cut-off the PS3's best sales point. Avenger, you may be mocking for my references to ancient Mel Brooks movies/Broadway plays, but you tell me: Is it or is it not starting to look like our favorite Japanese technology giant is in fact secretly being run by monkeys?

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