Friday, February 23, 2007

Power PC

Ok, so I played the Supreme Commander Demo like the rest of the PC-Gaming universe. Like Avenger said in his review at the mothership. The demo didn't initially wow me. In fact, it kind of turned me off a bit. After giving it a couple of additional chances, however, I found that I quite liked the game and that it was both different from other RTS games that I had played and different from what I was expecting. Because of the experience I purchased the game on Wednesday.

Here's my problem. Apparently the demo never really got the game up to "full steam" as it were. Where as I was able to play the demo at a certain high resolution and with most of the textures and effects turned on, and whereas I was similarly able to play at such resolution and with such textures and effects in the initial stages of the single player campaign, once the **** really started hitting the fan in terms of number of units being displayed the game slowed to a crawl. Turns out that in order to play the game I needed to turn down the settings to the second lowest resolution with the lowest refresh rate with no effects and low textures. While the game functions in this condition, needless to say it fails to impress like the box shots.

Now my computer just isn't that old. I would have called it middle to upper-middle class about 18 months ago, and now it plays new games like its an old commadore 64 or circa-1984 macintosh with the chimney to keep it from over-heating. Obviously this isn't a problem in all instances, but as a consumer relatively new to PC gaming I can certainly see why the console markets have grown while the PC's has suffered. To upgrade my computer I could probably buy a PS3, so (other than the complete lack of games worth playing) why wouldn't I?

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