Monday, February 26, 2007

RE: Mercenaries vs. Crackdown

I tend to agree in a lot of ways as Sidious well knows. Though I accept that much of that may be due to my deep love for Mercenaries. What I will say is Realtime Worlds has created an extremely fun sandbox: a beautifully developed city with a fantastic art style that is fun to move around in and shoot stuff. The only problem is there isn't that much to do in said sandbox. More bosses (ala "The Deck of 52" from Mercenaries) and actual missions would have really helped to flesh out the experience.

That being said, the game is undeniably fun and I do have a certain compulsion to pick up every orb I can find. Also, there's clearly something to be said for going online with a friend and sniping enemy gas tanks you ride on the roof of his car. Or letting him shoot people in the leg as you throw grenades at them. Good times.

Also, I got a response to my "enquiry" at Realtime Worlds:
Many thanks for your interest in Crackdown. Unfortunately due to the volume of enquiries we can't answer individual emails.
Oh well, here's hoping I am more than a single voice and I can actually go do missions with a friend. Otherwise, it will have to remain the "make your own fun" proposition that it currently is, which isn't such a bad thing after all.

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