Saturday, February 24, 2007

Re: Power PC

Ummm...some might say the complete lack of games worth playing (no disrespect to Resistance of course and as a 'proud' PS3 owner) would be reason enough. As for the PC Power complaints Sidious is pretty much dead on. While your average PC gamer would say it's because the graphics were so much more impressive, in the era of HDTV that is becoming less and less apparent.

I know that the big reason for my obsession with the PC is strategy, but if the consoles ever actually manage to crack that nut, they may sway me to stop pouring money into my computer on a biannual basis. BFME II for the 360 was a good attempt, but the controls still weren't quite there and most of the reviewers appeared to miss out on the fact that the game ran like absolute and total crap.

I mean, I was playing BFME II a computer ago and it still ran about 5 times faster than the 360 version. We'll see what they can manage to do with C&C 3 using a completely ground up approach, but seeing as my PC rocks, you can imagine which version I currently have reserved...

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