Monday, February 26, 2007

Mercenaries v. Crackdown

Well since everyone else is doing it, I feel that it is my moral obligation to comment on Crackdown. Like Avenger, I think that the Co-op needs refinement in its execution. Right now the game acts as kind of an old school Game Boy Game. You know, the kind where the cartridge will only hold one save, so if you want to lend your friend a copy he (or she) will have to erase your data in order to not play on your game. This just makes no sense in a co-op situation.

As for the game itself, I can't help but think that its an extraordinarily watered down version of Mercenaries, the LucasArts/Pandemic sandbox game that cam out a few years ago. Like Crackdown, the premise of Mercanaries was to hunt down "bad" people. Unlike Crackdown's offering of 21 bosses and sub-bosses, however, Mercenaries had players capturing 52 of the world's worst war criminals. More importantly, in order to discover a given criminal's location, a Mercanaries Player had to complete a GTA-like mission. In Crackdown, the information is just given to the player if he or she drives (or spider-man jumps as the case may be) near the criminal in question. The lack of any missions in Pacific City really hurts the game. It just makes the whole experience seem that much more empty. Still, Incognito is right, the game is a lot of fun, even if I think that the dynamic of running and smashing is carried out a bit better in Hulk: Ultimate Destruction. Anyone else have any thoughts?

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