Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Time to break the chain

I would be willing to bet that I was one of many who started playing the glorious game known as StarCraft again recently. I love that there are 3 wholly different races and at least 3 strategies that are viable for each, even in high level, complete psychopath, I can point and click so precise that I differentiate pixels in milliseconds, world-class games. Command and Conquer: Red Alert was my first RTS love. I loved the Russian accents and blowing up buildings. Command and Conquer never reached that level again, though it does put out quality games.

StarCraft 2 must be amazing and will no doubt mildly disappoint many. But after watching the videos, I have concluded that there is going to be waaaaay more firepower in this one. Protoss defense in this one will be sick I tell you, sick. And since the game must be balanced, Terran and Zerg will most definitely have some amped up attacks. We haven't seen as much of their righteous abilities and units yet, or at least in my analysis, but that doesn't mean I'm any less excited.

Now all I need if for LucasArts to annouce Kotor 3 and an Xbox 360 to play Pro Evo and then Mass Effect when it comes out and I can be happy.

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