Thursday, June 14, 2007

Re: Illogical Choices


I'm not sure that the decision by Clover (as I'm going to refer to them both now and in the future) is that illogical. While Okami would almost certainly be a great candidate for the Wii treatment (if only because the celestial brush would work great with the Wii remote), I'm still not sold on how a "traditional video game" (which Okami almost certainly is if the brush is not considered) feels using the Wii and that ninja instrument. I couldn't help but feel, for instance, that Twilight Princess would have been more fun to play with a standard GameCube controller than it was with the Wii setup. Disclaimer: I only played the Wii version so anyone with GameCube experience on this matter can feel free to chime in.

If I had to choose, I'd rather that Clover have the extra processing power offered by the PS3 and 360 than the magic wand novelty of the Wii. But then again, maybe I'm souring on the Wii a little bit. Its slowly becoming my view that the Wii will only excel at novelty products and 1st party Nintendo games. Not too terribly different from the GameCube when you think about it.

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