Thursday, March 01, 2007

Re: Rumbling and Grumbling

Incognito, I was actually surprised by how little I cared about the loss of rumble functionality. I will say this though. It does affect the enjoyability of driving games and it does affect the enjoyability of some PS2 and PS1 games built with the rumble feature in mind. (For example, a number of games in the last generation utilized the rumble feature as a kind of signaling device in lockpicking minigames). What is far more noticeable than the loss of rumble, however, is the loss of weight. The sixaxis controller is so light that it tends to feel fragile. Obviously, the feel of a controller hardly limits its functionality, but still, the sixaxis winds up feeling very much like a toy.

I think that the real reason that people are so upset at the loss of rumble in favor of tilting is that nobody uses the tilting feature, and when it is implemented it tends to be random at best. In other words, it can't compete with the Wii's functionality in any way, and the end result is that it feels like Sony's implementation of it was, like so many other aspects of the PS3, half-assed. But you don't have to take my word for it...

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