Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nostalgia Part 2

Yesterday, all I was excited about was Command and Conquer. Today, all I am excited about is Command and Conquer...with one exception. As has been discussed in these pages from time to time, the Wii's virtual console offers fun to be had every single Monday, and this Monday was no different. Indeed this Monday saw the release of one of my favorite arcade games of all time: Elevator Action. Like reminiscing about Command and Conquer, just playing Elevator Action for a short time transports me to another time and another place. You see, Elevator Action was the one arcade unit present at one of my family's favorite restaurants during my youth. Whenever I was able to convince Dad to give me some quarters, I would spend almost the whole meal carefully guiding my spy up and down those crazy elevators. Now can you beat that? Excellent release Wii, I salute you.

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