Thursday, September 07, 2006

Games that should be Movies

As the resident girl-gamer I don't necessarily keep up with all the great new games that are coming out next...

I do, however, search through gamers' DVD piles to find interesting things to watch and let me tell is NOT FUN to find what looks like a great movie with an interesting title that ends up BEING A GAME INSTEAD!

So, here are 3 games I would like to see as movies, based solely on their titles:

Crimson Skies: Starring Tom Cruise and Sean Connery. Top Gun meets Crimson Tide in this action thriller with skidoos and super jets. No Goose to speak of, but maybe George Clooney could play sidekick nicknamed duck.

Killer 7: A movie starring Johnny Depp where seven murders take place involving 7 clues, and 7 detectives head out to find the 7th killer. Is Depp the murderer or the detective? You decide.

Project Eden: Starring Ewan McGregor. Some sort of government conspiracy about genetics embroils our hero in non-stop action (oh yeah, and there's some sort of secret plot and love interest too).

This is a warning to all you women out there...keep the games and DVDs separate or you will be very disappointed.

PS: Do penguins really live in dens? Don't they just huddle in groups? I've seen March of the Penguins...I know what happens out there....or do Vampire Penguins live in dens?

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